Sunday, May 27, 2007

Arizona Bill Requires Employers to Check Database...

Above is a link to an article, regarding a new bill passed last Wednesday. In short, this bill promises to "confront" employers who hire illegal aliens. The bill proposes a plan to
create a database, which can be accessed by employers, to verify worker's eligibility. If a business is found in violation of "knowingly" hiring an illegal, then the business could face possible license suspension/revocation.

This is a definite step in the right direction. I commend Mr. Pearce, whom sponsored this bill, and his efforts. However, there are still some concerns which must be addressed.

1. Who will be enforcing this database check? Will a government agency be going around checking all the paperwork of business owners and then matching it up to their employees? Hmmmm probably not.

2. What happens to the workers, who provide false documents? Obviously, the supposed sentence of, 7 years in prison is not going to fly. It doesn't happen quite like that. The illegals slip through the system and are lost. Why not just DEPORT them?

3. Employers hiring illegally should face criminal charges! As previously mentioned, these employers and all enablers are clearly breaking the law. They are "harboring criminals." They are "evading the law." They are "obstructing justice." ...Whatever one wants to call it, it is breaking the law. Those who break the law, should face criminal charges.